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WRENN | Maggie Gyllenhaal

2020’s viral success WRENN returns with new 90’s throwback 'Maggie Gyllenhaal'.


With a growing TikTok following of over 1million, LA-based alternative band WRENN is one of 2020’s emerging success stories. 22-year-old vocalist Zoe Mirkovich has connected with people through a vulnerable honesty met with alternative grit.

Sharing a name with the American actress, new single 'Maggie Gyllenhaal' is already featured on Spotify’s New Noise and Fierce Femmes playlists. The track explores a retro sonic palette and lyrics questioning “Why does everybody want it to be the 90’s?”

Expanding on the track Mirkovich has shared:

"I wrote this song after I got on TikTok for the first time & saw the resurgence of 90s fashion that's been completely taking over. I've been so inspired by that community lately & wanted to create an anthem that feels the way this new aesthetic feels. A reflection of the old, with a passion for the new. Overall it just makes me happy."

'Maggie Gyllenhaal' is available to stream now.


Listen to 'Maggie Gyllenhaal' HERE Instagram: @wrenn


Instagram: @mattyjones_x


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