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WRENN | Your Friends Like Me Better

Hit-making internet sensation WRENN continues to build on her viral success with single 'Your Friends Like Me Better'.


'Your Friends Like Me Better' offers a fresh and new take on your average heartbreak song and can easily be described as the sad-pop track of dreams. With savagely honest lyricism juxtaposing WRENN's sweet but fierce vocal the track is brimming with swagger and a gritty ear worm bassline, flavoured with captivating synths and gentle acoustics. WRENN is offering something distinctly unique and different from your average pop artist whilst simultaneously delivering a commercial and universal sound which will resonate with her listeners.

WRENN shares,

"Did anyone else get super obsessed with one person over quarantine and pictured a whole future with them but then they ended things right as the world is going back to normal? Or is that just me?... I wrote a song about that, so welcome to QUARANTINE HEARTBREAK POP."

WRENN'S last uproar came from using an audio clip of her ex admitting to cheating in the background of her single 'Hailey'. The TikTok video has over 8.5 million views alone while her Tiktok account has a whopping 22 million likes. She's been backed from numerous publications and influential tastemakers as well as all of her fans with placements on Spotify playlists, radio support and more. With sass, grit, and pure talent packed into her small frame, rousing firebrand artist WRENN is a force to be reckoned with.

WRENN is nearing 400K Spotify followers, 74K Instagram followers, and over 1.4M TikTok followers who are loving her vulnerable honesty. The trailblazer's skyrocketing have poised WRENN as one of 2021's most promising alternative acts. The 22-year-old grew up surrounded by music and it's evident in her inherent knack for creating hits.

'Your Friends Like Me Better' is out now. Listen HERE @wrenn


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