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Singer-songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB isn’t slowing down yet as she unveils her new single, 'Did It My Way', a stunning collaboration with Essex-based alternative artist tmdistant.


Built over an upbeat indie pop production by Song Higginson, the triumphant song explores the importance of self-worth. The track comes fresh off the back of her debut EP, 'I Thought I Knew You, Boy Was I Wrong', which has received significant editorial support on Spotify.

She says on the single,

“I guess I’m a nice person who always tries to help others out when I can and even when I can’t sometimes, and that really hasn’t worked out in my favour. People tend to take advantage of that and I know it. I used to let it slide, until recently, when I realised that I wouldn’t get where I want in life if I didn’t put myself first. This song is about that realisation.”

'Did It My Way' is out now.


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