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Yes Please | Updog

The epitome of sonic diversification, duo 'Yes Please' have released their new album 'Updog' after a series of successful single releases that garnered the attention of notable Spotify playlists over the past few months.


The two explain 'Updog' as their “dream”.

“We always talked about releasing music that was truly genreless. We worked on whatever we were feeling that day, regardless of the genre. The major takeaway we hope for is that it’s fun music to listen to; there’s something for everyone.”

Yes please is the collaborative project of producer / artist duo apob and Matt Miggx. The pair have been experimenting with music since high school, finding influence from a wide range of musical inspirations including rap, showtunes, pop, and punk music. Their opposing tastes resulted in the birth of 'Yes Please' an experimentation fusing genres into music that can most accurately be described as simply unexpected, and fun.

'Updog' is the result of a devilish experimentation of genre and sound. With more to come from the two’s collaboration and individual pursuits, they’re most certainly artists to watch.


Listen to the new album 'Updog' HERE Instagram: @itsyesplease


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