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Yorke | Gravity

Yorke has released her explosive earworm of a track entitled 'Gravity'.


'Gravity' is a delightful track with catchy lyrics and a sweet melody. A gorgeous pop song at it's core, there are also elements of indie pop, which creates a new and fresh twist on the average. The lyrics tell a story of a doomed romance and Yorke's feisty vocals truly shine on this track.

Written in one day, alongside revered pop artist and producer Japanese Wallpaper, 'Gravity' charts a love story between an alien and a human struggling to exist in each others orbit.

Yorke says,

“Think 'intergalactic Romeo and Juliet' minus the tragedy,”

Bouncing off the walls and running on multiple cups of coffee when they wrote the song,

“We channeled it all into the energy of the song. For me, it feels like the perfect fusion of both Gab and I’s influences, and probably the first time I’ve felt completely authentic as an artist.”

Finnish producer Hank Solo has added a touch of Scandian pop to the production and Chris Walla (ex Death Cab for Cutie band member) mixed the track, basing his decisions not only on technical knowledge, but also emotions, imagining the song’s story arc playing out in a 90s rom-com.

Yorke’s philosophy is simple: Immersion and collaboration within the songwriting community is key to creative growth.


Listen to 'Gravity' HERE Instagram: @thisisyorke


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