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Young-Borra | U Get What U Pay 4

NYC-based artist Young-Borra has shared his latest offering entitles 'U Get What U Pay 4', via Casablanca Sunset Records.


Produced by Alex Suarez, the anthemic, 80s-esque tune features an injection of uplifting and feel good instrumentation highlighted by infectious singalong vocals, a groovy rhythm and almost dangerously energetic synths, all alongside the most catchy and captivating melody.

The explosive guitar solo in the second half of the track is both terrific and slick, recorder by legendary NYC based guitarist Paul Pesco, known best for penning a portion of the guitar arrangement in Madonna's 'Lucky Star' and C+C Music Factory's jock-jam 'Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now' in addition to working with worldwide superstars including Hall & Oates and Jennifer Lopez.

Born in the Bronx and raised in NYC, Young-Borra is today's answer to yesterday's pop star, believing in quality over quantity in a world flooded with the latter. He listens more than he speaks and speaks more when he needs to. He is well-informed and he is a much-needed character in a character business. Recently doubling down on his artist career, Borra draws from his previous work experience as an event curator, DJ, doorman and promoter in some of New York's best clubs. Many of these experiences influence the context of his music and lyrical input; nightlife, heartbreak, striving for love and success, relationships, sex, parties, breakups, makeups and living under the bright lights of the big city.

After several years of creating, producing and fine-tuning his sound, Young-Borra is releasing his original material; ushering in a new wave of music to accompany the start of the new decade.

'U Get What U Pay 4' is out now.


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