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Yung Bae | Bad Boy Feat. Wiz Khalifa, MAX & bbno$

Rising educator of Future Funk, Yung Bae brings 'Bad Boy' to its biggest form featuring Multi-platinum selling, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa, Rising pop star MAX and rapper bbno$ today via Arista Records.

Yung Bae mesmerizes his listener with an intoxicating blend of the traditional and the modern, falling somewhere between smooth jazz, funk, old school hip hop, and Studio 54 disco.


Yung Bae said: "I actually met bbno$ on an American Airlines flight and he was sitting next to me. I had my computer open working on a song, and he asked what I was working on, so I played it for him. He immediately started rapping over it mid-flight lol. Two weeks later I booked a flight to Vancouver to make ‘Bad Boy’”.

“This song is gonna go up!” said Wiz Khalifa.

bbno$ said of the track: “When we were starting to write the song me and Yung Bae decided to rent this random house in the woods in Vancouver to break writers block. About a day in, the power cut out halfway through the session and we couldn’t reach the owner. We decided to hit Lowe’s and get a generator and said we wouldn’t leave until we finished the perfect song. Two weeks later we had ‘Bad Boy’”.

MAX stated: “Been obsessed with this song since it came out. When Bae and bbno$ texted me to jump on, was a no brainer to throw something vocal on”.

The original 'Bad Boy' track featuring bbno$ & Billy Marchiafava has over 30 million streams across all digital platforms. The song was viewed with over 2 Billion impressions across 1 Million videos on TikTok and went to #1 on Spotify’s ‘Internet People’ playlist, amongst others.


Listen to the track HERE


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