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YVR | How Have You Been

Innovative pop duo, YVR, release their new live-action music video for 'How Have You Been' in promotion of their EP of the same title. The EP includes previous single 'How Can You Tell?' as well as 'Pay' and 'Love Is Hard' - together capturing both the pleasures and frustrations that love can bring.


'How Have You Been' is a poetic and poignant track about looking back at the impact past loves have had on us, even after years of moving on. The vocals are slick and soulful, with stand out lyrics. It's a truly honest creation that comes straight from the heart.

The video totally brings the track to life, with its somber depiction of the songwriting duo, YVR, always together but detached from one another. The EP of the same name is a peak into the complexity of love, which utilises YRV's signature sound and hypnotic pop melodies.

The Los Angeles natives are quickly gaining traction with their euphonious pop tracks and sublime, cleverly crafted sound. The married couple originally turned to songwriting as a way to pay their bills but soon found themselves in the far east shaping the global K-Pop sound.

With over four million records sold and a combined ten number-one singles (two of which have reached #1 on the Billboard World Album Charts), the duo is ready to start their own artistic journey. 


Listen to the 'How Have You Been' EP HERE Instagram: @wearevyr


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