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20 year old artist Zach Hood has dropped his sixth single of 2021, 'Just Kids'.

Slotting himself perfectly into the commercial pop world whilst adding an electronic flare, Zach Hood has created a sound which is both universally relatable and mainstream radio ready. Rich beats and soft electro-pop set the scene for a smooth and dreamy vocal performance to create a unique soundscape which is addicting, euphoric and mesmerising, as well as totally chart worthy.

With 'Just Kids', Zach reminds us that you can be the most vulnerable, emotionally sound, and mature individual, and still want to let loose and party like a kid from time to time - he wants us all to remember that we don’t have be one or the other.

He shares,

“This song is super important to me because its message is that you don’t have to choose between being mature or being someone who wants to let loose. I see a lot of artists pick a so-called lane and continue to write about mostly the same topics. Well, I want to be different and I believe this song shows that.”

Zach Hood is a name that’s becoming more and more familiar to the mainstream music world with every release. And yet, there’s still not a lot out there about the artist from Alabama who’s garnered 45+ million streams across his first five singles, had placements on Spotify’s Pop Rising, Radar US & an appearance on the Global Viral 50 chart.

The streams, playlist adds, signing a deal with Arista Records & landing touring representation from William Morris Endeavor are no small feats for any artist, but are perhaps more impressive for Hood who started everything from scratch last January. Never stepping into a recording studio until late September of 2020, his first in person session turned into a single that impressively landed on Spotify's New Music Friday. His second single catapulted the artist to a larger conversation in music and racked up 25+ million streams in a couple months. He's gotten this far by leading with authentic & relatable stories that just so happen to be accompanied by catchy melodies & memorable production. With 'Just Kids', do we finally know the answer to who is Zach Hood? Perhaps it's simpler than expected.

Zach Hood isn't some virtuoso songwriter and musician that was undiscovered in his bedroom in Alabama. He’s a kid that wanted something so badly, he wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable and did everything he could to get where he wanted to go. He’s real & relatable.

'Just Kids' is out now. Listen HERE @zachary.hood


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