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Sticking to his tried-and-true recipe, Zach Hood drop's more truth bombs with his newest single 'i ain't rich, girl'.


In a cluttered musical landscape, Zach Hood stands out with his remarkable ability to craft infectious melodies that provide a backdrop for his hyper vulnerable and all-too-relatable lyrics about life, love, and loss.

He says on the new track,

“The story here is honestly quite wild. My manager, Jonny, had always wanted to flip a classic song, and came to me with the idea to re-make 'Rich Girl' by Hall & Oates, a modern version that leans a bit more wholesome. With the help of rockstar producer, Andrew Goldstein, we left the studio with what we believed to be a song with true hit potential. In the clearance process, Daryl Hall originally said no to our version being released, so we wrote page-long letters explaining why this was so important to us. Miraculously, we got a message back saying our version was approved to be released, and that our words “spoke to” Daryl.” We love how our version can help bring some renewed attention to a classic song that our parents raised us around. That's the fun of song flips: they connect different generations of music lovers."

Zach Hood will be the first to admit that he’s just a kid who wanted something so badly that he did everything he could to achieve it. It’s this kind of vulnerability, which is the cornerstone of his songwriting, that has turned the Tik-Tok heartthrob into a mighty and must-see musical success.

'BLOSSOM' EP is out now. Listen HERE @zachary.hood


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