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Zoe Brush | Language of You

Berklee College of Music alumni and singer-songwriter, Zoe Brush, has released her new track 'Language of You'.


'Language of You' is a beauty of a track. Zoe's vocal is rich and pure and the instrumental is super melodic and dreamy. It's heartfelt, stylish, unique and highly listenable - a very polished addition to Zoe's already strong catalogue.

She says,

"I think every relationship has its own type of "language" that no one else understands... facial expressions, jokes, phrases. This song is about moving on from an old relationship and realising that you're still in the habit of speaking that language in a new relationship."

Zoe Brush, has been honing her skills in writing and performing in the past few years. Classically trained, her music is heavily piano-based and is comprised of sentimental melodies and honest lyrics. Although she has been writing since she was a young teenager, she has recently begun to focus intentionally on stepping into the artist role while expanding and developing her craft as a songwriter.

More than an artist, she aspires to be a leader and a friend, inspiring those who hear her work. Her vision is to be real and authentic, writing songs that display faith and vulnerability to her listeners and weaving her experiences into stories that can be shared on a stage.


Listen to 'Language of You' HERE

Instagram: @zoe_brush_music


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