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NYC based singer-songwriter Zoe Ko has released her brand new single 'Rib Cage'.


'Rib Cage' is healing. Zoe comes to terms with the instability & hardships of her childhood, a realization that homesickness can often be found in a person. They say home is wherever the one you love is, Zoe believes this full heartedly. Someone you know inside & out, like a family home. 'Rib Cage' is heart breaking with constantly building instrumentation that concludes with a strong emotional release from the ever-present tension. The harmonies & raw lyricism tie all of these ideas together.

Zoe says,

"'Rib Cage' is about the feeling of homesickness finding itself in a person or partner rather than a physical house. When you find your person and love someone they often become your “home”. I moved so frequently as a kid, had divorced parents and never truly felt settled. I don’t have a family home to go to or reference in my memories so I’ve found the feeling of homesickness attaching itself to a person my whole life. I recently have been dating around and finally have a partner now, and already I can sense myself starting to know them inside and out the way one would memorize every floorboard and paint chip in a family home. This song has helped me come to terms with the feeling of being uprooted and a nomad all my life and redirecting what to focus that feeling on. 'I’m searching through your ribcage like a closet | use your lungs as my pillow | I know you with my eyes closed | like something that I’d miss, you could be nostalgic' pins the feeling of experiencing someone becoming a home."

Zoe Ko is a young NYC-based singer-songwriter journaling her life through the emotive juxtaposition of upbeat & moody pop rock. Her vulnerable lyrics and infectious melodies make her songs feel as intimate and electric as dancing alone in your room. Currently releasing her debut array of singles - Ko is quickly establishing herself as a prominent tastemaker in today’s modern lane of alt-pop.

'Rib Cage' is out now. Listen HERE @itszoeko


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