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Glom | Matches

Brooklyn based alt-rock band Glom have released their single 'Matches' which is the second single taken from their upcoming sophomore album 'Merit'.


The fuzzy-alt rock sound is mellow with cool drum beats and plucky electric guitars. The chilled vocals create an intricate sound alongside the stellar instrumental. The heavier build towards the end of the track proves that the unexpected works well with a sudden release of energetic synths and a soaring guitar solo.

'Matches' tells the story of the struggle of differentiating between personal growth and what others want you to be, building to a soaring, climatic outro to represent self-discovery and celebrating individuality.

Glom is a six-piece band of multi-instrumentalist, inspired by classic alt-rock. The group of childhood friends got together in high school playing covers, and are now gearing up to release their second album, with newer releases including 'Fungus' and 'Fire'.


Listen to 'Matches' HERE Instagram: @newyorkglom


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