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Interview | KiD RAiN

KiD RAiN has made quite the entrance onto the music scene, with the release of his vibrant debut single 'Say Yes.' The single marks the beginning of a new chapter in the immensely talented singer, song-writer and producer's career - and we're looking forward to seeing what else he has in store! The music video was filmed in the most colourful village in the world, in Bali, and it matches the song perfectly!


The Lowdown had the opportunity to catch up with KiD RAiN about the release of his debut single, what he has coming up in the future and more. Keep reading to check out our exclusive interview!

Welcome to The Lowdown! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

"Hi, I'm Dan! But if we're using our superhero names then....hi, I'm KiD RAiN!"

Where are you from?

"I'm pretty positive I was dropped off by a spaceship in the late nineties, but my birth certificate says Yorkshire."

How did you get into music? Was it always something you wanted to purse when you were younger?

"Me and some friends started a band at school when we were eleven, playing covers for fun, then I kept on writing and writing and I can't imagine doing anything else."

Who or what is your biggest motivation?

"Honestly, I'm just chasing the feeling I get when I write a great song - that's what motivates me the most to write more. That feeling is the best in the world and I want it all the time. (Also Ryan Tedder)."

Is there any achievement in particular that you want to achieve that you would be most proud of?

"It sounds cheesy, but I'm pretty happy right now. There have been times where I never thought I'd put music out and so many obstacles I've had to overcome. I'm just happy doing my thing and whatever happens, happens."

You've recently released your debut single 'Say Yes.' The single has received such a positive response. How does it feel knowing it's been received so well?

"It's pretty darn cool, I won't lie! I was very nervous to put music out. You're literally pouring blood, sweat and tears into something that, for all you know, everyone is going to hate, but not many people seem to hate it, so yay!"

For anyone who hasn't heard the single yet, can you sum it up in a few words?

"Upbeat, catchy, fun, coleslaw and pop."

You shot the music video for the single in the most colourful village in the world. What was it like being able to film the video, especially in such an incredible location?

"It was hot, not like sexual hot! The actual temperature was hot. It was far from sexual hot - there was too much sweat for it to be sexual hot! Sorry I went off on a tangent there...yes, it was an awesome location. When we first drove up to check it out, we were all freaking out. The location matches the song so well. I couldn't believe we'd found it!"

Do you have a particular favourite lyric from any track you have written?

"'Jump down that rabbit hole with me.'"

Has lockdown given you the opportunity to be even more creative and make more music?

"Yes and no. At first it was amazing. I had so much time to finish songs and write new ones. After a few months, it's got a bit tiring. I love writing and producing more than anything, but sometimes you just need to go and sit in a beer garden with your friends and drink until you vomit. That's all I'm waiting for now!"

What's up next for you? Are you working on more singles/an EP?

"I hate it when I find a new artist that I love and they don't release enough music. I made sure that before I released this tune that I had plenty of other songs ready to go, so there won't be a big wait for the next songs. I'm very excited about them!"

Finally, do you have a message for those who are supporting you?

"I love you all - thank you, thank you!"


'Say Yes' is out now.

Listen HERE

Instagram: @iamkidrain

Interview by Rachel Dempster

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